We are building a community that fosters entrepreneurship and connects start-ups to other local small businesses in a unique way. These entrepreneurs then utilize the local businesses' services for free or at cost!


Every business needs a website! Depending on the industry, these costs could be very high.  We have local agencies that are willing to help get your business on-line!

IT Services

IT vendors and Managed IT Services Companies can help you set up the office network, configure cloud services, help with infrastructure buildout, VOIP, email setup, etc.

Accounting Services

Accounting professionals can help setup your business with proper licensing through government agencies. They can also setup basic billing, book keeping, and help answer any tax  questions you might have.

Marketing / SEO

Digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-evolving art of finding the next thing that creates conversions. Link up with experts that are staying on top of these trends!  Getting ideas for printed material and having the means to print them is also an extremely valuable resource to startup businesses.


Sometimes advise can be priceless.  Speak with successful business owners willing to guide you in your startup journey to success. 


Going through a bank for a startup is sometimes out of the question.  Getting funding in the private sector by investors willing to believe in your dream is always the way to go! Speak with those that have the means to invest in your dream


don't be a d##k!

Give thanks to those that helped you by referring them to others, by giving a shout out to them on social media, continuing to utilize their services, and doing business with them. 

The reason vendors offer services at cost is because we selectively choose only companies that have interesting stories and can contribute insight and knowledge to newly formed companies.

These vendors get valuable marketing in return for helping you, so everyone wins! 

Mention the vendor on Social Media

Refer a friend to those that helped you

Send them a testimonial if you can

Why wouldVendorsParticipate?

Content marketing on steroids!

Our show focuses on entrepreneurs and business’.  What better way to promote your business than by sharing the story of how you got started and valuable lessons you learned along your journey?  We are running the show from the Forsyth Business Radio-X Studio in Cumming, GA. We won’t ask you to pay us anything, this content is yours to use as you please.

Video Content

All shows are recorded with multiple cameras and we will provide all of the footage to you to use as you please on your own social media, website, blog or YouTube channel.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Gain valuable SEO backlinks from our website, along with our YouTube channel, and from high PR Business Radio-X.  Chop-up the content you receive from these shows for use as content marketing on your own social media accounts to boost SEO!

Establish yourself as the expert in your market!

By participating in a show with thousands of potential listeners, you are establishing yourself as the market expert. As a result, your consumers will take notice, and go to you instead of your competitors, because you have demonstrated your expertise in the area through content marketing.

Gain new clients

By helping start-up businesses with the services you offer at discount, will gain you a loyal customer in the long run.

Help your local community

Support your local community of entrepreneurs by helping new startup business owners get the tools they need to succeed during the hardest time of their journey.


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StartupFactory NFTs and Utility Tokens will be air dropped into your wallets

Our goal has always been to create a local community of entrepreneurs where everyone wins. We want vendors to stick around for a long time and get rewarded in crypto for doing so.  We are currently working on a roadmap that is designed to bring transparency and lay out the plans for the future of this project. One thing is for certain expect NFT and utility tokens to be air dropped into your wallets!

What's itCostTo be a Vendor?


As little as you want it to be!

Please offer whatever you can,  either time, labor, or at-cost services. The goal is to create long term customers, help out the community, inspire people, and market your own business!